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If you want to practice a bit on your music skills, you can plug an instrument in the PC, with various applications capable of detecting and processing sound. Most input comes as MIDI, and with the help of MidiSwing, you can create your own tunes in an intuitive workspace, and with little effort.
Can be used on the go
One advantage in particular is that you don’t have to go through a setup process for the application to work. This means you can carry it around with you on a USB flash drive to work on your projects from other computers as well. You just need to make sure the PC you use it on is fitted with Java Runtime Environment.
When launched, the application lets you start creating music right away. The canvas consists of a scale on which notes are easily placed, with the possibility to get audio preview by using the interactive keyboard. The more you zoom out, the larger the length of the pitch.
Various instruments and enhancements
Since it works with MIDI, there’s the possibility to change instruments, with Windows default features putting more than enough at your disposal to feel limited only by your imagination. However, only one instrument can be used per section, but more in the same track.
MidiSwing gives you the possibility to add almost all musical notes, which are selected from a drop-down menu. The creation process is simple, and only requires you to place the note on the canvas in the desired pitch location, while offering instant audio feedback.
The instrument drop-down menu is the place you can use to also enhance your songs in several ways. As such, volume, pitch blend, pan position, reverberation, hold pedal, tempo, and time signature are effortlessly applied by simply drawing. Sadly, exporting is only limited to MIDI files, even though there’s an option to record your track.
To sum it up
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that MidiSwing is a lightweight application that might not seem capable of much at first, but it’s packed with a decent variety of features to not only create, but also enhance your tunes. Multiple instruments can be used, while the whole creation and enhancement process require little effort.


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Audio input, audio output, MIDI input and output (via MIDI), can all be connected to one and the same application with a freely moving mouse.
Support MIDI Library:
jMidi (FreeMIDI), Csound64 (CSound), Pure Data, Roland V-Synth Synth, Korg NanoKey, Seaboard, Akai LPK25, BBox (Gvox)
In the Keyboard column, each row is a row of the keyboard. When pressed, the ID (unique integer), name and key number are added.
Data Type:
The input column specifies the data type, either in my specific format (as MIDI message type), or as a (MIDI message number) or an (input type).
Key: number of the key.
Pitch: pitch / key.
Data: MIDI message or input type.
Mark: text, character, symbol, left mouse click.
Value: value of the key, according to its number (0-127)
Scale: MIDI scale / key.
Axis: MIDI axis.
Key: number of the key.
Pitch: pitch / key.
Data: MIDI message or input type.
Mark: text, character, symbol, left mouse click.
Value: value of the key, according to its number (0-127)
Scale: MIDI scale / key.
Axis: MIDI axis.
MIDI type: MIDI type or input type.
Fx: MIDI effect type (normal, volume, pan, resonance,…)
Control: Control signal of a VST/AU/RTAS effect.
Instrument: Section of the instrument, according to (instrument, port).
Function: Modifier / effect, VSTi.
Symbol: Pitch symbol or MIDI message number
Type: Input type or MIDI message type
VSTi.: Input type or MIDI message type
Plugin: Specify file name of the plugin (where – is the plug-in name without.vst or other suffices).
Source: MIDI message number
Output: Output channel in the VSTi.
Volume: Pan position from 0 to -127
Pan: Pan position from 0 to 127
Sample: sample number of the VSTi.
Rendering mode: the output mode of the audio file. (Linear, Logarithmic, E, Linear

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Making music has never been easier or more fun! MIDI Swing is a free Java-based MIDI editor. With it, you can create and edit all your MIDI files right away, while preserving all your settings.
MidiSwing is free software, available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
The application was developed by Bob Wallace, a music teacher.
MidiSwing is entirely based on the Java graphics library Swing, making it run on Windows and Linux.
MIDI and Music Processing – Load, convert and edit MIDI files. Convert songs to MP3 or OGG, edit tracks and use various music processing algorithms.
Precise Instrument Editor – Create or edit an instrument, make sure it sounds right with tools like the reverb, pan and hold pedal. Apply the instruments to your track with drag and drop. Everything is right there.
Quick & Easy – No configuration needed. When you’re ready to move to the next song, press Enter.
Easy Recordings – Record and save your song to MP3 or OGG. Record your instruments if you want, and download the sounds to your computer.
Perform – Play your created and edited songs with various MIDI and Music Processing instruments.
Transpose – Change the pitch of your song in several keys.
Modify – Change the tempo or duration of your song, add instrument effects, hold pedal etc.
MidiSwing Screenshot:

CellDock 1.4.2-2 is a small yet useful utility that docks the widgets of the Android OS. It also gives you access to shortcuts and settings from the desktop via your mobile device.
With the quick and easy option, you can now set up a standalone keyboard keyboard using your Android phone, tablet or a computer. You can also customize your key layout, or choose to hide any unwanted keys. All in all, the nice thing is that you no longer have to go through the effort of removing unwanted keys from your keyboard. The app also remembers your last choice so the next time you open it, it will show you your layout as before.
Another good feature is you can quickly find and access your favorite apps. You can also create a shortcut to your favorite tasks by opening an existing.xml file. While the default is mostly for emails and contacts, you can also put your favorite websites like Gmail and Facebook.
I like how it changes the settings and shortcuts without you having to uninstall and re-install the app.

What’s New in the?

MidiSwing is a Java-based audio application. MIDI-enabled Note, Arpeggiator, Effects and Mixer features are available. MIDI files can be generated or imported. Up to 20 midi tracks can be used.
Multiple Instruments
Windows default MIDI software can be used with the demo. However, only one instrument can be used per section, but more in the same track.
Note Sets
Hold pedal
Time signature
File browser to play, edit and save MIDI files. The toolbox gives a whole range of modern and classic effects to apply
Multi track recording and editing.
Numerous performance controls
MIDI Editing
MIDI File browser
MIDI Note editor
Listen to preview using soundcard and mouse buttons
Keyboard shortcuts:
Shift: Transpose up and down
Ctrl: Change Note, Arpeggiator Step or Volume
Enter: Restart recording or editing track
Volume up and down: Change track volume or pan position
Point the mouse to a pitch or Scale line: Change the Scale line colour
Shift. Click to create a new track. Click and drag to position the notes.
MIDI support software: MidiSwing or Windows default midi software
Midi files created with MidiSwing can be played with MidiSwing, Windows default midi software or external software.
Midi files created with MidiSwing can be imported into Windows default midi software and external software like MidiGear and many others.
MIDI files created with MidiSwing can be edited with MidiSwing, Windows default midi software or external software.
Supported formats: WAV, MP3, MIDI, FLAC, OPUS, OGG
Zip format
XLS: Open in spreadsheet.
EXP: Open in ASCII Editor.
See the MidiSwing website for more details:
This review does not contain any affiliate program, and it is not endorsed or sponsored by SMAPP or MidiSwing.
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System Requirements:

The minimum requirements for launching X-Man are as follows:
The ideal specifications are as follows:
Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.8Ghz or faster
Memory: 256MB RAM
Disk Space: 5GB
Video Memory: 256MB
Recommended requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: 2.8Ghz or higher
Memory: 512MB RAM
Disk Space: 10GB


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