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I have to use browser for saving and loading pics at the same time.(because the default browser is slow). Now in chooser i don’t want to wait for saving any file. I want it to be opens in the browser and I don’t want to wait for that because when it’s open it’s still loading. so is it possible to open and save in chrome and in chooser? btw.


When you use the Chooser, it is an extension of the current tab. So, when you choose another tab, it will save the image in that window.
If you want to save the image file in your default browser, then you can use Scripts.

Unable to add a new account to channel


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Regex are often poorly suited to this kind of thing, because they can’t easily handle multiple matches in a string – e.g., how would you express “hit”? The best way is to parse it. For example:
Regex regex = new Regex(@”.*?\|(?:B(.*?)|)|(?:E(.*?)|)|(?:M(.*?)|)|(?:S(.*?)|)|(?:P(.*?)|)|(?:X(.*?)|)|(?:R(.*?)|)|(?:G(.*?)|)|(?:O(.*?)|)|(?:E(.*?)|)”))

public static readonly Encoding encoding = Encoding.ASCII;

void Main()
var input = @”R1|R2|R3|R4|C1|E2|E3|M1|M2|M3|M4|S1|P1|P2|P3|P4|X1|X2|G1|G2|G3|G4|B1|E1|B2|C2|D2|S2″;

var splits = regex.Split(input, encoder);
foreach (var s in splits)


Performance for the WYSIWYG editor

I had 3 options for the WYSIWYG editor :


XEditable is most of the time performant, but when it break, the editor stops.
jWYSIWYG is well integrated with AngularJS and it’s used by many projects, but it’s not the first choice…
tinyMCE seems being very performant but we can’t change the source code.
So, are you have been experience some performance problem with the WYSIWYG editor? which tool of the three given, are you recommend?
Thanks in advance


You are looking at the wrong direction. Focus on your application using one of those components rather than what components you choose.

Kendall, former

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